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The Midway Mayhem
Niagara Roller Derby's Junior Team

The Niagara Junior Roller Derby Juniors is where 8–17-year old’s can learn to skate and develop the skills they need to start playing roller derby.

Beginning in 2013 with only around a dozen skaters. Several of the original juniors have aged out and moved on to adult leagues in the area or have gone to national teams.

We are looking fo skaters ages 8 to 17. You don’t need to know how to skate to join, but you must be willing to give roller derby a try!

Roller derby, like most team sports, offers exercise, teamwork and strategy. That said, it also allows skaters to gain empowerment and confidence through their accomplishments on and off the track as they become part
of an inclusive community they build with other skaters.

This full-contact sport will start out with the beginners being taught the basics of skating by our coaches before engaging in more advanced drills, scrimmages, and eventually bouting. That said, our juniors league does not participate in full-contact, heavy-hitting play until they are 18.

Coaching is graciously-provided by experienced roller derby players from Niagara Roller Derby, and we always have experienced and certified first aiders on the property during every practice. 

Check out the Midway Mayhem 2019 Team Roster HERE.


Our Junior team practices every Thursday evening from 6-7pm at Haig Bowl Arena in St. Catharines. 

Our new/beginner skaters work on skating basics such as falling safe and properly, skate stride, stopping, turning and more.

Our intermediate skaters work on more advanced skate and derby skills such as blocking, jamming, strategy and advanced skills. 

For more answers to your questions, check out our FAQ section HERE.

If you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out,

and we'll get back to you promptly as we can.

The Future of Canadian Derby is Here.



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