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The Niagara Roller Derby League is looking for sponsors. Our league currently consists of two teams – our women’s team, ‘The Garden City Rollers’ and our youth team, ‘The Midway Mayhem’. 


Flat-Track Roller Derby has been developing quickly since the early 2000’s. Given Canada’s strong previous status as an early leader in the sport, both national teams have set goals to finish on the podium in 2020. 


As you may know, Niagara Roller Derby is Niagara’s first and only flat-track roller derby league and has been rolling since 2011. We are a grassroots organization committed to the empowerment of women, men and youth and strengthening of community, through sport.


As a relatively new sport, roller derby is not yet recognized by Sport Canada, and as such the league does not receive any government funding. We are a skater-funded league, which means each skater pays monthly dues to cover our practices spaces and games. They also pay for their own uniforms and travel expenses for away-games. We rely on fundraising and sponsors to help cover the cost not covered by player dues. 

We draw on average, 100-200 spectators to our home games. We currently have close to 3,000 followers on Facebook and 1,200 followers on Instagram and are continuing to garner attention through persistent social media marketing, events and public appearances within the community. 

we are open to a range of sponsorship and would be pleased to work with you to determine what recognition would be appropriate for your company. Any level of help you can provide will be so sincerely appreciated.

- the skaters at Niagara Roller Derby


Drop us a line and one of our skaters will personally deliver a Sponsorship Info package!

Thanks for submitting!

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