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Niagara Roller Derby Mission, Vision and Values Statement:

Our Vision Statement


Niagara Roller Derby’s vision is to train roller derby athletes and teams to the best of their ability, to lead the growth of the sport locally and provincially, and to increase access for members and fans alike. 



Our Mission Statement


The Niagara Roller Derby organizations mission is to serve those individuals, who want to play the team sport of flat track roller derby, connect with an inclusive community and to realize their unique power both on skates and off. 



Core Values


  • Play with strength in body and mind, while having fun.


  • To be welcoming, inclusive and embrace diversity.


  • Respect for the game, officials, coaches and for each other


  • Strive to be mindful of improvement.


  • Bring your best in strength of body and mind and encourage and trust others to do the same.



Our Skaters


The skaters of Niagara Roller Derby league are a group of individuals who are full of heart, and determination. We skate fast, hit hard, and we defy stereotypes about female-identifying athletes in sports. Our league consists of two teams- a women’s/non-binary 18+ SODA league, and Junior League that is inclusive to all genders. We have skaters ranging in age from 8 to 50+ years old. Both of our programs encourage skaters to learn not only about the professional sport of roller derby but also about themselves. At NRD we foster a sense of pride and empowerment by working together as a team towards success through commitment, and hard work.  Our skaters put in many hours of practice as well as our league supports our surrounding community through philanthropy projects. 


Our Volunteer Spirit


At NRD, we are an almost entirely volunteer-run organization and we graciously offer opportunities for both skaters and willing, community volunteers to learn professional skills by working alongside experienced skaters/officials, and professionals in the fields of media, photography, film, marketing, event planning, social media management and more. Our events wouldn’t be the same without volunteers who are eager to help our games and events run smoothly, enabling a positive and fun environment for all in attendance.  We also have skaters, officials, and related volunteers who work hard to support our local, community not-for-profit organizations whose missions resonate and reflect the NRD mission. We strive to work hard at building and maintaining a strong, supportive, and welcoming community for volunteers, skaters, fans, and fellow organizations alike. 



Our Events


The dedication, skill, and enthusiasm of our group of volunteers is evident in the quality of our events. We make every effort to provide our skaters and fans with fun, safe and friendly experiences. The sport of roller derby is exciting, the competition is fierce and our special attention to small details makes the fan experience memorable and entertaining. We are passionate about connecting with our community here in Niagara. Fans have many opportunities throughout the year to interact with our skaters, coaches, and volunteers through bouts, after-parties, fundraising events, recruiting events, parades, and more!



Our Gender Inclusivity Statement


In line with our mission to foster an inclusive community, the Niagara Roller Derby league welcomes trans and gender-expansive athletes – regardless of their preferred pronouns – who feel most comfortable playing women’s roller derby.


Please see the WFTDA Gender Statement for more information. 



Our Anti-Harassment Policy


The Niagara Roller Derby league director or the majority of the NRD Board of Directors reserves the right to deny membership or visitation to anyone who has been accused of harassment, misconduct, or abuse if the claim is substantiated in the opinion of the director or the board.  Please see the WFTDA, MRDA, and JRDA united Anti-Abuse Statement and Call for Help for more information.

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